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Intern Product Development (m/f/d)
cut-e GmbH

Intern Product Development (m/f/d)
cut-e GmbH
Allgemeine Angaben
Intern Product Development (m/f/d)
Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor, Master, Diplom)
Anbietendes Unternehmen:
cut-e GmbH
Bereich im Unternehmen:
Information zu diesem Unternehmen:
Founded in 2002, cut-e (pronounced 'cute') provides online tests, questionnaires and gamified assessments. In May 2017, global professional services firm Aon plc acquired cut-e and integrated the company into its global talent solution. cut-e and Aon, as Aon's Assessment Solutions, undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.
Zusätzliche Angaben
- A new psychometric test or feature will be introduced to the market - you help us with the conception, implementation and launch of new or reworked tests and system features
- Existing and new products are put on the test bench - you make sure that they still meet our high-quality expectations and are well documented
- We have developed a new online assessment, or our system had an update - you test and check if everything still works perfectly for all users of the system, be it companies, candidates or internal system admins
- Something new happens out in the market - you are in the right spot to gather all relevant information about latest changes, trends and evolving topics to present them back to an internal board within the company
- You are studying with a main emphasis on psychology, human resources or economics
- You have strong web and IT skills including MS Office
- You catch up on things quickly, work with attention to detail and on your own initiative
- You adapt quickly to changes and are open-minded
- You ideally have a basic knowledge of selection and assessment as well as first experiences with managing projects
- You would like to stay with us for a paid internship lasting at least 8 weeks
Anzahl der angebotenen Stellen:
min. 3 Monate
Weitere Informationen:
Bitte über unsere Website bewerben.
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Eileen Lembke
cut-e GmbH
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20457 Hamburg
E-Mail: career@cut-e.com
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