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Your lecturer's professional profile

Personal Details

  • born 19 June 1968 in Frankfurt/Main
  • currently lives in Linden near Giessen
  • contact via e-mail or LinkedIn



  • 10+ years experience teaching managerial English in higher education
  • 10 years experience conducting corporate language and communication workshops
  • extensive experience translating from German, writing professional texts and editing them for audience impact
  • educated to graduate level in linguistics and management, with hands-on business experience

Professional Interests

  • to better understand the interplay of socio-cultural and individual factors in effective communication
  • to learn about current communication challenges in the management workplace and enable management practitioners to address them
  • to promote a more balanced and critical approach to management, using concepts and methods from the humanities

Professional Skills & Development


Teaching in higher education

  • teach Managerial English seminars at Justus Liebig University's Faculty of Business in Giessen; undergraduate and graduate courses include professional writing, presentation skills, Anglo-American culture, intercultural communication, rhetoric and business ethics (2002-present)
  • designed and introduced curriculum for Managerial English as an undergraduate minor (2012)
  • taught a ten-month distance-learning course on academic writing for Ph.D. students on behalf of the COMISEF research and training network (2007/08)
  • taught annual marketing workshop for members of MTP Giessen (2004-2008)
  • gave guest lectures on various socio-cultural topics for AIESEC Giessen (2005, 2007, 2011)

Corporate training

  • teach advanced conversational skills for executives at hessnatur, in-house (2007-present)
  • teach advanced conversational skills for executives at Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, in-house (2004-present)
  • conducted English language workshops for administrative staff of hessnatur, in-house (2007-2009)
  • conducted English language workshop for sales staff of Pollmeier Massivholz, in-house with distance-learning component (2003)

Text competence

  • proof-read and edit students' English-language application documents
  • write short case studies for marketing and business ethics
  • revised and translated into English the faculty's website for incoming exchange students
  • proof-read, edit and translate into English research papers, book reviews and summaries for colleagues
  • edit and translate into English survey questionnaires, training materials and presentation visuals for corporate clients


Teaching in higher education

Text competence

  • wrote several sections of AnGie, an online guide to studying English at Justus Liebig University
  • proof-read and translated into English book reviews and research papers
  • conducted two workshops on writing effective fundraising letters


International business experience

  • worked in engineering cost management; in a team, performed cost planning and control for global plant construction and mechanical engineering projects at Procter & Gamble (1997)
  • worked in commercial real estate development in Atlanta, Budapest and Frankfurt/Main; in a team, managed development, construction and letting of office, retail and warehouse space (1995-1996)

Further Interests

Abt. Managerial English

Dipl.-Angl. Thomas Wagner

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